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Competition Results

Here’s our WriteOnSite Results Table, where you can see the top 3 players of each competition and read their short story entries!

Competition Results 2010
Date 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
18/Dec/10 Tracy Fells Joanna Campbell & Sallie Tams -
11/Dec/10 Joanna Campbell Effie Merryl Vasily Pugh
04/Dec/10 Katie Carr Adrian Maloret & Sallie Tams -
27/Nov/10 Katie Carr Mary Potter Joanna Campbell
20/Nov/10 Katie Carr Joanna Campbell Mary Potter
13/Nov/10 Daria Sokhan Patricia Holness Joanna Campbell
06/Nov/10 Vivien Hampshire Tess Niland Kimber Mo Blake
30/Oct/10 Joanna Campbell Mark Ward Moya Mcdermott
23/Oct/10 Uta Coutts Katie Carr Mo Blake
16/Oct/10 Sian Altman Tess Niland Kimber Effie Merryl
09/Oct/10 Tess Niland Kimber Adrian Maloret Patricia Holness
02/Oct/10 Sallie Tams Stephanie Lam & Gillian Taylor -
25/Sep/10 Cathy Christie Tess Niland Kimber Judy Brownsword
18/Sep/10 Stephanie Lam Sallie Tams Tess Niland Kimber
11/Sep/10 Katie Carr Stephanie Lam Alan Ward
04/Sep/10 Joanna Campbell Katie Carr Melanie Stephenson
28/Aug/10 Katie Carr Mary Potter Michael Ross
21/Aug/10 Della Galton Robert Wood Judy Brownsword
14/Aug/10 Pamela Pottinger Sarah Witney Judy Brownsword
07/Aug/10 Michael Ross Vesta May Bob Major
31/Jul/10 Vivien Hampshire Uta Coutts Rose Cantrill
24/Jul/10 Effie Merryl Michael Ross Victoria Shendy
17/Jul/10 Uta Coutts Victoria Shendy Joanna Campbell
10/Jul/10 Uta Coutts Michael Ross Karen Rollason
03/Jul/10 Katie Carr Kerry Mcphail Patricia Holness
26/Jun/10 Celia Kay Andrew Victoria Shendy Michael Ross
19/Jun/10 Joanna Campbell Lou Treleaven Vivien Hampshire
12/Jun/10 Katie Carr Tess Niland Kimber Melanie Hammond
05/Jun/10 Monica Drewe Vivien Hampshire & Joanna Campbell -
29/May/10 Uta Coutts Tess Niland Kimber & Katie Carr -
22/May/10 Uta Coutts Sallie Tams Lou Treleaven
15/May/10 Vivien Hampshire Joanna Campbell Tess Niland Kimber
08/May/10 Lou Treleaven Joanna Campbell Pardaad Chamsaz
01/May/10 Uta Coutts Katie Carr Pardaad Chamsaz
24/Apr/10 Annie Kirby Della Galton Katie Carr
17/Apr/10 Oliver Barton Pamela Pottinger Mary Potter
10/Apr/10 Katie Carr Annie Kirby & Annalise Elam -
03/Apr/10 Michael Ross Joanna Campbell Ferris Taylor
27/Mar/10 Effie Merryl Vivien Hampshire Katie Carr
20/Mar/10 Sallie Tams Mary Potter Joanna Campbell
13/Mar/10 Uta Coutts Katie Carr Vesta May
06/Mar/10 Tess Niland Kimber Sallie Tams Joanna Campbell
27/Feb/10 Vivien Hampshire Deborah Miles David Higham
20/Feb/10 Uta Coutts Katie Carr Melanie Hammond
13/Feb/10 Joanna Campbell Della Galton Nancy Rose Taplin
06/Feb/10 Katie Carr Joanna Campbell Mary Potter
30/Jan/10 Jacqueline Nicholson David Higham Judy Brownsword
23/Jan/10 Joanna Campbell Mary Potter Deborah Miles
16/Jan/10 Helen Yendall Joanna Campbell Melanie Hammond
09/Jan/10 Michael Ross Linda Lewis Ann Cross

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