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Competition Results

Here’s our WriteOnSite Results Table, where you can see the top 3 players of each competition and read their short story entries!

Competition Results 2016
Date 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
02/Jul/16 Liv Thomas Mary Potter Katie Hall-may
25/Jun/16 Toni Mannell Katie Hall-may Caitlin Keeton
18/Jun/16 Karen Wright Patricia Holness & Mary Potter -
11/Jun/16 Patricia Holness Katie Hall-may Elizabeth Caush
04/Jun/16 Tracy Fells Toni Mannell & Mary Potter -
28/May/16 Patricia Holness Caitlin Keeton & Mary Potter -
21/May/16 Samantha Doughty Rodric Bowker Holly Betsworth
14/May/16 Mary Potter Sian Champion & Matthew Shepherd -
07/May/16 Rosie Lyle Emma J Myatt Holly Betsworth
23/Apr/16 Karen Wright David Higham Robert Rankine
16/Apr/16 Mary Potter Larissa Buchanan Caitlin Keeton
09/Apr/16 Roger Woodcock Katie Hall-may Kimberley Martinez
02/Apr/16 Larissa Buchanan Katie Hazeldine-clark & Ian Johnston -
26/Mar/16 Patricia Holness Mary Thompson Mary Potter
19/Mar/16 Theresa Gooda Larissa Buchanan & Karen Wright -
12/Mar/16 Mary Thompson Katie Hall-may Karen Wright
05/Mar/16 Katie Hall-may Patricia Holness Caitlin Keeton
27/Feb/16 Katie Hall-may Jeff Rowlands & Larissa Buchanan -
20/Feb/16 Alex Plowman Katie Hall-may Mary Thompson
13/Feb/16 Emma J Myatt Bridget Bowen Caitlin Keeton
06/Feb/16 Katie Hall-may Jeff Rowlands Sarah Naismith
30/Jan/16 Mary Potter Ariela Ferber James De Beresford
23/Jan/16 Emma J Myatt Larissa Buchanan Ariela Ferber
16/Jan/16 Ian Johnston Becky Walker Mary Potter
09/Jan/16 Tracey Glasspool Keirit Dosanjh Caitlin Keeton
02/Jan/16 Patricia Holness Katie Hall-may Caitlin Keeton

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