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That Lightbulb Moment

by Toni Mannell

The 25th Jun 2016 WriteOnSite Winning Entry

How could she find a way out of this?

His verbal aggression was wearing her down, saying nothing just made him mad, answering back brought another torrent of abuse spewing from his mouth.

She had to find a way out of this

To give her some relief, she went upstairs. Switching on the television, she idly flicked through the channels to find something to watch.

Springwatch was on, she quite liked Chris Packham, wondering if he'd be playing one of his games tonight, finding ways to include album tracks into his delivery to the audience.

Birds of Prey tonight, Michaela holding out her arm, a huge bird landing on her wrist, taking the bait from her gloved hand.

In the background, another bird of prey was hooded to stop it spooking or going off before the handler was ready.

That was the answer, running downstairs, she opened a kitchen drawer, took out a tablecloth and went into the lounge

As soon as she opened the door, the torrent of abuse started again, the swearing was dreadful.

Spreading the cloth over the top of the cage... the silence was golden, instant....

Going back upstairs, she Googled "Parrot Sanctuaries"...

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