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Terms and Conditions

  1. Any participant failing to enter story by the mentioned time will be disqualified.
  2. Any participant failing to pay by the mentioned time will be disqualified. Payment is handled through PayPal and Members must have a personal PayPal account to enter the competitions. Any duplicate or erroneous payments made by a member during a competition cannot be refunded.
  3. All writing must be original. Any participants found to have copied others’ work will be immediately disqualified. If they have gained any financial benefits from such an exercise we will ask for the money back with ten per cent interest. If necessary, WriteInvite, to safeguard its reputation, might in such an unfortunate instance pursue legal action.
  4. No correspondence of whatever kind will be entered into between the writers and the Admin Team whilst the competition is ensuing.
  5. Only participants are invited to take part in the voting stage of the competition. Other members can still read the short-listed entries but will be unable to vote. Voting however will only take place where more than 3 people participate. If less enter Administrators will determine a winner.
  6. In initial voting The Admin Team will not deem poor grammar as being a disadvantage. However, if it spoils the flow and is therefore incomprehensible it may impact the Administrators‘ ability to include the entry worthy of the short-list.
  7. No Admin Team member can participate in the competition.
  8. The Admin Team have access to all the stories entered during a competition and will determine a short-list for voting after the writing stage is over. All entries at this stage are anonymous.
  9. The Admin Team reserve the right to disqualify any participant during or after a competition.
  10. In the event of a tie the Admin Team will determine a winner, where all entries are anonymous.
  11. Once a winner has been determined the Admin Team will contact that member to arrange payment of the prize fund. Payment to the winners is strictly through PayPal. Winners will be paid within three days of their success.
  12. WriteInvite does not want to censor. However, writers are asked to remember that you are entering a public place, and should you win, your story will be published on the WriteOnSite Website.
  13. All payments received and made are in GBP. Participants playing outside the UK will need to pay in GBP where PayPal will automatically determine the correct currency conversion.


  1. Member: Any person who has registered with Write-Invite.com for FREE - Providing access to the WriteOnSite Competitions.
  2. Participant: A Member who has paid to enter a WriteOnSite Competition.
  3. Administrator/Admin Team: The Team of people who keep the competitions ticking over and maintain the website.

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